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By Marilyn Heidtke

We have awarded our scholarship funds this year to two very talented High School students.

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BY Marilyn Heidke

             As most of you know, the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society awarded two scholarships this year, each in the amount of $1500.


The first winner was Sahara Seifried from Gibbs High School.

Sahara hopes to pursue a degree in vocal performance.

The second winner was Riley Curls, from Palm Harbor High School.

Riley’s goal is to pursue a career in music education.

Following are thank you notes we received from both Sahara & Riley


Hello Ms. Heidtke,

     On behalf of the Pinellas Education Foundation, thank you again for supporting our scholarship program.  This year over 300 traditional scholarships were awarded, totaling more than $680,000!

     This year’s graduates are sure to accomplish great things and your generosity is greatly appreciated. Attached are the thank you notes from your scholarship recipients.


Sahara Seifried

Dear Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society;

     Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

     Thank you for helping me pursue my dream of high education in music.  I am working towards a Bachelors of  Music degree at Oklahoma City University.  I truly appreciate all you have done for me and will continue the American tradition of jazz in my future musical pursuits.

Best Wishes

Sahara Seifried

Riley Curls, PHUHSIB Class of 2022

             I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the scholarship you have awarded me. This scholarship will allow me to progress both as a student and as a musician.  During my last four years in high school, I have performed with and led numerous ensembles throughout both my school and community.  Some of my fondest memories include traveling and performing at the Jazz Music Performance Assessment State competition this past March, as well as some of the competitions spent with my school’s marching band and orchestra.  While music has been one of my greatest passions in high school, I also enjoyed the academic side as well.


I’m about to graduate from the International Baccalaureate program, and my studies these past few years have had a focus on music, English literature, as well as chemistry.

The scholarship you have awarded me will help aid in my tuition while attending Florida State University these next few years.  A few months I was accepted into the College of Music, under the viola studio, and I plan to pursue a major in Instrumental Music Education while minoring in performance.  Florida State University is my dream school, and I am beyond excited to attend. One ensemble that I am extremely excited to hopefully join is the FSU’s Marching Chiefs.  I will leave for preseason training in early August, and I also plan to audition for their drumline.

Thank you so much for helping my dreams come true.

Young Drummer


By Marilyn Heidtke

Information about the Sacramento Jazz will be in the next issue of the Jazz Me News

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