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Dick "Spanky"Maley
& Friends

Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society Sponsored


Sunday, July 9th, 2023

     The Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society will be hosting a “Jazz Jam Session” for those of you that would like the opportunity to play your instrument with some of our local talents that love to play jazz and sing. We invite anyone who plays an instrument, or vocalist to join Dick Maley at this function.


The Jam Session will be held on July 9th, 2023 at:

Bay Aristocrat Village Clubhouse

18675 US 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

     Those of you who are interested in playing should call Dick Maley (863-838-9001) and leave a message on his cell phone to let him know of your interest.  We will be inviting local High School students to join us in these festivities, as well.  Please plan on attending this function to show your support for your local jazz club and enjoy a fun afternoon of great jazz music.  A donation will be requested.


     This is a BYOB event, Please bring your own munchies and your favorite beverage and enjoy some really great jazz.  See you there.

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     Thanks for being a member of the Suncoast (Dixieland) Jazz Society.  Without your membership and attending the society’s events, we would be serving no purpose.  Okay, the society has had a great second quarter of terrific music with the top bands in Florida performing for us at the Cove Cay Golf Club.  April’s concert featured Jay Mueller’s Dixieland Six. Followed in May with Charlie Bertini’s Monster Jazz Band.  Charlie was unable to perform but chose John DePaolo to take his place and render a special afternoon of splendid entertainment.  Returning to our stage in June was our local group of All Stars, the Jazz Phools.  Great times were had by all by my observations.


     A special thanks to our sponsors who have joined the SOS, “Save Our Society” group. You too, can be a sponsor for future events.


     The third quarter of the year will give us another set of pleasing bands with Gordon Moore’s Do’s and Don’ts of Dixieland Jazz, the Florida Boys, then the Kelly/Scott band from Jacksonville.  More about this line up on the website for your viewing.


     An early boost for the Suncoast Jazz Festival in November must be mentioned.  The Sheraton Sand Key Resort and Marriott Resort are making reservations, but it is suggested to sign up early as they are limiting the number of rooms due to a remodeling of the Sheraton and other scheduled events.  The remodeling will not affect the music being played but may reduce the available rooms for our guests.


     The sad note to convey is the loss of Maxine Kelly this past month.  Maxine was a board member for many years as well as serving as president. 

Double Bass Player


Announcement about Dues & Special Event Pricing

Starting in October the new format for Dues will be:


Patron $130

Family (Couple) $45

Individual $35

Corresponding $30

No Change in Student information

Special Events & Dinners

$40 Members

$45 Non Members

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