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Dick "Spanky"Maley
& Friends

Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society Sponsored


Sunday, April 30th, 2023

     The Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society will be hosting a “Jazz Jam Session” for those of you that would like the opportunity to play your instrument with some of our local talent that’s loves to play jazz and sing. We invite anyone who plays an instrument, or vocalist at any level of performance to join Dick Maley at this function.


The Jam Session will be held on April 30th, 2023 at:

Bay Aristocrat Village Clubhouse

18675 US 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764

2:00pm to 4:30pm

     Those of you who are interested in playing should call Dick Maley (863-838-9001) and leave a message on his cell phone to let him know of your interest.  We will be inviting local High School students to join us in these festivities, as well.  Please plan on attending this function to show your support for your local jazz club and enjoy a fun afternoon of great jazz music.  A donation will be requested.


This is a BYOB event, Please bring your own munchies and your favorite beverage and enjoy some really great jazz.  See you there.

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     Thanks, to Gene and Luci Mandani for the terrific concert with Pepper and Fine Thyme at the Cove Cay Golf Club. The Scholarship Fund was the winner as well with over $1,000 collected at the free concert. A great start for the summer which was followed up by a second free concert sponsored by Jay Hart, Joe and Sandi DeSalvo, Charlie and Barbara Jacobs and Lynn Shaw. Once again, the Scholarship Fund was increased by another $1,000 in collections. The following concert in September was the ever-popular “Florida Boyz” with a couple of changes in personnel due to health reasons. The reformed band still had Herb Bruce and Dick Maley as original members but added Mike Evans on the banjo chair, Charlie Bertini in the front line on trumpet, and Don Mobsick on string bass. No drop-off in talent and entertainment. The concert is sponsored by the Suncoast Jazz Festival to show their appreciation for the following of friends in the Jazz Society.

     The fall assortment will bring back a familiar band “The Jazz Phools” who have been entertaining Tampa Bay jazz clubs and senior residences for many years. Their program will include the standards of the early jazz era including tunes performed by Louis Armstrong. Their interplay between musicians adds to the enjoyment for the audience. As usual, the society does not compete with the Suncoast Jazz Festival in November but picks up the beat in December with the annual Christmas Party at the Dunedin Country Club. A new venue for society but a chance to enjoy the music of Pepper and Fine Thyme.

     Our program chairperson, Barry Potts has a stellar lineup for the coming year including Bob Price and Friends, Talk of the Town Jazz band from Green Bay Wisconsin, Davy Jones longtime favorite of the society, The Midir Brothers with Herb Bruce and concluding the spring concert series with Jay Mueller. Much to anticipate for the Suncoast Jazz Society members and friends.

Double Bass Player


Announcement about Dues & Special Event Pricing

Starting in October the new format for Dues will be:


Patron $130

Family (Couple) $45

Individual $35

Corresponding $30

No Change in Student information

Special Events & Dinners

$40 Members

$45 Non Members

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